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Solar Pool Heating

In the hectic and fast world we live in most peoples lives have changed, and the cost of an average size pool can set you back thousands of rands it is therefore necessary to use the pool as much as possible and to increase the seasons to 8 months instead of 4 months by heating the pool via Pool Panels or a Solar Heat Pump or both.

Save Money: This system will not cost you any extra money as the Solar Panels collects the heat from the sun as the Solar Panels are connected to your filter and pool pump so while your pool is getting cleaned via your pool cleaning equipment the water is pumped through to the Solar Pool Panels and back into the pool.

Warrenty: Solar Ingenuity will give you a 10 year Warranty on the Solar Pool Panels and a 1 year Warranty on the pipes and fittings.

Investment Payback: A swimming pool is an investment in lifestyle and fun for the whole family and we can double the temperature of your pool at no extra cost to the owner for more days per year and more hours per day. By saving on the cost of electric pool heating, Solar is the only pool heating system that actually pays for itself over time.


Solar PoolHeating

In the hectic and fast world we live in most peoples lives have change.


It is very difficult to find a really excellent hot water Geyser that will stand the test of time.


Heat Pumps, Solar Geysers and Panels, Evacuated Tubes, Pool Pumps & Filters ect.