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Solar Pool Heating Solutions

There are various methods available to heat your pool, but the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way, is to use Solar Pool Heating.

This process uses the sun’s energy to warm your pool. A heating pump draws water from your pool and pumps it to your roof. The water circulates through solar heated collectors on your roof, and returns the warm water back into your pool.

Your ideal water temperature is set using a fully automated digital solar control, so you can ‘set and forget’ and jump into your perfectly heated pool at your leisure. How Solar Controls Work

With a digital control, you can set the pool temperature to your personal requirements. Having two sensors installed (a pool sensor and a roof sensor), the controller turns on the solar pump when the temperature difference between the roof sensor and pool sensor is greater than 7˚c. The pump will then continue to run until the pool reaches your desired temperature, or until the temperature drops to below the 7˚c difference required between the roof and the pool sensors.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing a solar heating system:

  1. 1. Swimming pool size
  2. 2. Roof orientation and shade
  3. 3. Pool and roof colour
  4. 4. Amount of shade and wind
  5. 5. Your desired swimming season

Solar Installation

solar pool heating in BellvilleAt Solar Ingenuity, we will choose the perfect solar heating system required for your environment and take into account such things as: high wind areas, roof type, roof position and cockatoo prone areas. These conditions as well as other factors will determine the perfect heating and accessories required for your personal needs.

With over 12 years of experience of selling and installing the most suitable solar heating required for your needs, Solar Ingenuity will install your solar heating with the same pride as if it were our own home… So you can be assured of a quality installation every time and backed by our installation guarantee.

Contact Solar Ingenuity for a free quote on solar pool heating home owners love!

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