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Solar Blankets

In most countries throughout the world and in South Africa there are water restrictions. From now on a pool cover is no longer an option. It’s an essential part of your water savings plan. SOLAR INGENUITY has the answer.

It is very important to install a bubble cover if your pool is heated to reduce evaporation by up to 30%. A thermal blanket will eliminate this loss.

If your pool is heated with a heat pump you can cut down on your electricity bill. A bubble blanket is twice as effective at retaining heat as a pool cover, ensuring your heating does half the work saving you money.

Very little maintenance. Unlike other covers, a bubble blanket is safe to leave uncovered in the sun without voiding the warranty.

A bubble blanket blocks out sunlight. Sunlight is what assists algae growth, so blocking it out will reduce your chemical usage and maybe even filtering hours.

Get a return on your investment: with all of the above benefits, a bubble Pool Blanket will pay for itself in less than 2 years.

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