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We are proud to announce the formation of our new company, Solar Ingenuity and Gas Solutions.

After many years of successfully supplying and installing pool heating and solar heating products we had the vision and saw the need to diversify our product range and enable us to offer our clients alternative methods for their water heating requirements by supplying and installing high quality gas geysers.

We now offer the full range of water heating solutions to counter the ever increasing electricity price.

With the ever popular use and demand for gas it was important for us to align ourselves with reputable suppliers and certified installers in order to continue to provide our market with high quality products and good service carried out by the highest standard of workmanship and integrity.

All our suppliers are members of the gas association of South Africa and our installers are certified by the LPGSA QCC as registered installers. Certificates of compliance will be issued by our certified installers on completion of every installation, as regulated by the law.

Our solar heating panels come with a full 10 year warranty, and all products and materials used are SABS Approved.

As an owner managed business we fully guarantee that all our installations and workmanship are done both professionally and courteously.

At the BEST PRICES and RIGHT ADVICE in town, you can’t afford not to give us a call!

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Looking forward hearing from you and providing you with the best solution for your water heating needs.

At the BEST prices in town, you cant’t afford not to give us a call!

Contact Info:

Phone: 021 554 1717
Cell: 081 271 2657


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