About Us

Solar Ingenuity is a family owned and managed business, serving the Cape Town market since 2001.

We are passionate about solar energy and the need to reduce our carbon foot print in our generation.

We specialize in the supply and installation of water heating products and pool equipment to domestic and commercial clients.

We are a product dealer and installer for AquaHeat, Alliance, Xstream solar geysers, Tecron solar geysers, Gap solar geysers, DAB International, SPECK Pumps, Quality Pumps, Zodiac, Geyser Wise, to name a few.

We have strategically partnered with reputable brands to offer proven high quality products and after sales service to our market.

We value people above all else, staff, suppliers and customers, all partnering together to bring quality products to the market at the best competitive price on time.

We have gained many repeat clients over the years and referrals due to our professionalism, work ethic, customer service, good workmanship and expertise.

We might not be the biggest or claim to be the best, but we are passionate about what we do and take pride in our business to ensure our clients are satisfied.

We love heating pools, let us heat your pool!

For expert advice for your water heating solutions, pool equipment, please contact our friendly, professional staff, you won’t be disappointed?

Contact Info:

Phone: 021 554 1717
Mark: 067 056 5131



Solar Pool

In the hectic and fast world we live in most peoples lives have change.


It is very difficult to find a really excellent hot water Geyser that will stand the test of time.


Heat Pumps, Solar Geysers and Panels, Evacuated Tubes, Pool Pumps & Filters ect.