EXstream Solar Geyser:

It is very difficult in this day and age to find a really excellent hot water Geyser that will stand the test of time, and after quite a considerable time I found the most perfect Solar Geyser manufactured right here in Cape Town – Paarl area, with all the bells and whistles namely Exstream Geyser.

This Geyser is corrosion free, as the inner and the outer tank is made from Derakane epoxy-vinyl ester. This product is used globally in the storage of high te perature plus liquids concentrated acids and aggressive alcaline products such as caustic soda. The product has also proven it self under high pressures.

The EXSTREAM Geyser is half as heavy as a conventional Geyser; this means it is both easy to handle, easy to transport. Environmentally friendly, the tank can also be fitted with solar panels and can be custom-coloured on request..