Solar Geysers Cape Town

solar geysers Cape TownWhat are the benefits of solar water heating?

The installation of a solar water heater enables you to make a positive contribution to our global environment, while also saving you money in the long run. This simple act can save 40% – 50% of your electricity usage, which means that our local power utility will burn less coal or gas to generate electricity. Reduced burning of fossil fuels will cut the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide (CO2). S

Solar Water Heating Cape Town is therefore one of the best long-term investments you can make – both financially and for the environment. Moreover, solar energy is not affected by our current shortage of electricity. This is one major reason why you should consider solar geysers Cape Town.

What else do I gain with solar geysers Cape Town?

  • Besides making a positive contribution to the environment, you gain:
  • A hedge against spiralling energy costs.
  • Free hot water for life.
  • More independence from erratic power supply.
  • An investment in your children’s future.
  • The release of much needed energy to industry.
  • An increase in the resale value of your property.

How much will I save by using a Solar Hot Water system to heat water?

A good quality, correctly installed system should be able to save at least 40% of an average household’s electricity bill.

What is the typical payback period for a Solar Water Heater ?

Based on current electricity prices paybacks are typically 5 years or less, depending on geographical area, water consumption patterns, number of people in the household, type of system chosen and energy cost. This should be one of the top reasons to get the best solar geysers Cape Town has to offer.

What isSolar Water Heating Cape Town ?

Solar water heating is a system for heating water using energy from the sun. Solar energy is collected by a solar collector (either a panel or a set of evacuated tubes) which is then connected by means of pipes to a hot water storage device such as a hot water cylinder. A correctly designed solar water heater system is an extremely simple and reliable concept. Today several million homes and businesses all over the world use solar water heating, which supplies 40% – 70% of all the energy your home or business needs for water heating.

How do I choose the right size water heating system for my household/business?

First, you need to work out your hot water needs before considering the best solar geysers Cape Town. A unit that is too small will not provide enough hot water, so slightly over-sizing your hot water cylinder is recommended. However, if it is too big it will be uneconomical. An accepted way to size a system is to allocate 50 litres of water per person in your household and then to add an extra 50 litres for appliances that draw a large amount of hot water from the geyser. By over-sizing a system slightly you can maximize the hot water achieved by solar gain.

How hot can the water get with solar geysers Cape Town?

The ideal temperature of your hot water storage tank is between 55° C and 60° C. Most solar systems heat the water to between 55° C – 65° C, but some can heat much higher than that. You need to be aware of over-performing systems so that you are not scalded by the hot water. Unless otherwise required the water temperature at the point of use should be at least 38° C for domestic fixtures such as baths, basins and showers and at least 45° C (in order to melt fats) for sinks.

The temperature is not meant to exceed 55° C at any point of use. Typically a mechanical temperature mixing valve can/must be installed. Contact us today for the best solar geysers Cape Town installation.